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TABOO TOPIC: ARE "CONFIRMED GAYS" accepted in Indian Merchant Navy?
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The Hindi film Industry has suddenly discovered "GAYS" as a source of entertainment revenue , a topic considered "BLASPHEMOUS" upto 1990's barring a few "CELIBRITY GAY INDIANS".

Do "GAYS' exist in the Indian Merchant Navy? "A wife at every port" was the common mantra of the lonely existence of the average sailor undergoing long voyages of a month or few weeks  and seeking solace in alien lands with " One night stands".

With the absence of intermingling with women its quite certain that manny sailors could have experimented "Gay sex" on ships,yet the admission of being  "GAY" was akin to a professional  "Death Sentence". Hostels and regimented Institutions having same sex inmates are prone towards "Homosexuality or Lesbianism", a proven fact.

Are "CONFIRMED GAYS" admitted or employed in the Indian Merchant Navy?

Please don't confuse non-gay bachelors with gays as is the common misconception of any "UNMARRIED MALE OR FEMALE" in Orthodox Indian society.

Manny gays get married and call themselves "BISEXUALS" having the best of both World's, a few reform while others remain proudly as "CELIBRITY GAYS".

What about the "FACE IN THE CROWD" Indian Merchant Navy Gay?

Would he ever be allowed to work on board ships withourt raising "Passtime gossip' or worse "Social boycott'?

I must have opened a very relevant 21st century debatable topic.



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14.11.2008 (2519 days ago)
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