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Design focused,
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A good team is based on knowledge and attitude. We are a team of multi-skilled specialists who are always up for a challenge.

Welcome to SeaFolks!

We are SeaFolks Network Limited, a public limited company incorporated in year 2013. SeaFolks acts as a perfect networking platform for maritime businesses and professionals, to grow in the industry.

SeaFolks is a niche marine specific networking portal, which immediately brands you and your company in global maritime industry. It also generates all relevant traffic and leads from the maritime industry, as being industry specific portal.


Business Partner with IBM. IBM is an American multinational technology and consulting corporation
Proudly hosted on Rackspace Cloud. Rackspace is the number one managed cloud hosting company
Part of SoftLayer incubation program. SoftLayer, an IBM Company, provides cloud infrastructure as a service

The Team

SeaFolks is a product of great team and equally amazing advisors. SeaFolks team is self motivated, fun loving and superbly talented. Always up for a challenge with hunger to learn and implement.

Rockstars of SeaFolks

Multi-skilled specialists

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